Ensuring marketing initiatives are up to speed is a crucial consideration for businesses across the globe. In today’s digital age, online marketing has risen in significance, but what practices should you focus on in 2018?

Well, content marketing has slowly emerged as a tried and tested strategy, in alignment with the vast quantities of content consumed on a daily basis. People are reading more online articles than ever before, so it makes sense to establish a presence where most consumers operate. Users thrive on good content, so nailing your content marketing strategy makes sense.

The best part about content marketing is you can drive more traffic through your website, with a better chance of converting prospects into paying clients. But how can you get the most out of your content marketing? Read on to discover some fantastic hacks you can utilise to great effect.

Tailor Content to Customer Needs

Targeted traffic is highly beneficial. Though generic traffic can help raise awareness, you’ll want to attract visitors with a genuine interest in your product or service. To obtain targeted traffic, you’ll first need to think about who you’re trying to attract. Discover what your target audience is most interested in by conducting research, so you can deliver content with their preferences in mind. With an understanding of who your ideal customers are, you can structure your strategy around their interests. It’s helpful to directly communicate with clients and ask what they want, which will also help you attract similar consumers.

Use an Easy to Navigate Layout

Visitors should be positioned to quickly establish whether your website has everything they’re looking for. If users can easily find what they need, they’ll stay on your site longer, and are more likely to invest in your concept. By tagging your blog posts appropriately, readers can more easily find related posts. Capitalize on your website menu bar, prioritizing an easy to navigate setup.

Target Specific Keywords

If people can easily find your website naturally using the power of Google, this reduces the need for direct marketing. Targeting long-tail keyword phrases relevant to your audience will help people find you. You should also include keywords in the following elements of your blog posts:

  • Within the first 100 words
  • Blog post title
  • The blog post URL
  • Meta description
  • Image name and ALT text

Deliver Content Which Has a Chance of Going Viral

Writing something everyone wants to read and share is no easy feat, but there are different ideas for creating content which has a better chance of going viral. You can start by producing something either informative or emotional. People search for articles which can help them with everyday activities, or that have the capacity to get into their hearts by forming an emotional connection. Controversial articles are appealing too, especially if you’re disproving a commonly accepted viewpoint. Nostalgic content will take them back to a time they’re fond of, while current news can keep people up to date with the pulse of society.

Encourage Social Sharing

If your content is easy to share, it has a better chance of being viewed by multiple users. Content will be shared more if you include an easy to use social sharing button at the top and bottom of your article. You can also use a sharing button on the side of your blog posts, which will help users spread your content with the masses. Also, invest in your own social media to get more exposure on Facebook or Twitter.

Use a Call-to-Action

Ensuring your content is valuable and helpful is a top priority, but if you can include a call-to-action, you’re more likely to convert leads into actual customers. This doesn’t have to be a prompt for customers to use your product or service, providing you encourage them to respond to your article accordingly. Make sure your call-to-action isn’t too spammy, instead focusing on promoting a mutually beneficial course of action. For example, you can suggest they sign up to your mailing list for more great content, or download something for free.

Collect Email Addresses

There are multiple consumers who are intrigued by your content, but aren’t ready to fully commit to what you’re offering. It would be a shame to lose these prospects, so why not get their email addresses? Asking people to subscribe isn’t too intrusive, especially if it’s free, and they’ll be usefully informed about various things via email. You can gather email addresses by including an ‘opt in’ form at the bottom of your blog posts, which will enhance future conversions. You can add a subscription box by using one of many great plugins available online.

Engage Your Target Audience

Your content should intrigue users, appealing to their nature. It should be compelling to the extent they genuinely want to read on, which can be achieved with interesting and engaging writing. This is a skill writers can develop over time, but there are additional requirements you can learn quickly. Make your article actionable, ensuring it includes a catchy and engaging headline. Content should be readable, which can be achieved by using one of many grammar checking tools online. If your consumers are engaged, they’re more likely to respond to your call-to-action, share your article, and ultimately invest in your business.

Recycle Content

Convert your most popular content into video and podcast form too. This helps you cover more angles, while allowing you to productivity reuse valuable content. You can also include quotes from your posts on social media, with an economical and useful initiative.

Having read this article, we hope you’re better equipped to unlock the power of content marketing. With these hacks you can boost your business operations significantly, so good luck applying these principles!

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